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January 2, 2022
Great Moments in Italian Food History
NY: Orsay
Another Vermeer, Chapter 1
Wine: Resonant Technology

January 9, 2022
Vasto, Italy
NY: Ruby & Bella's
Another Vermeer, Chapter 2
Spirits; Winter Warmers
January 16, 2022
The Tastes of Children
NY: Macelleria Armonk
Another Vermeer: Chapter 3
Wine: Gewurztraminer

January 23, 2021
James Bond: Moonraker
NY: Noreetuh
Another Vermeer, Chapter 4
WINES: New Wines in the Winter Market

January 30, 2022
The Italian Hill Town of Laurino
NY: Lindens
Another Vermeer, Chapter 5
Spirits: A New irish Whiskey Made by an Irish Woman

February 6, 2022
Gift of Cheese
NY: Tagmo
Another Vermeer Chapter 6
Wine: VSPT
February 13, 2022
Dinner Out with the Kids
NY: Hancock Street
Another Vermeer Chapter 7
WINE: Cru Beaujolais
February 20, 2022
NY: Cucina 8 1/2
Another Vermeer Chapter 8
WINE: Sonoma-Cutrer
February 27, 2022
James Bond's Taste: Diamonds Are Forever
NY: Baazi
Another Vermeer Chapter 9
WINE: A Range of Reds
March 6, 2022
Arthur Avenue Bronx
NY: Empire Steakhouse
Another Vermeer Chapter 10
March 13, 2022
Eating Around Paris, Part 1
NY: The Inn at Pound Ridge by Jean-Georges
Another Vermeer Chapter 11
Spirits: Irish Whiskey
March 20, 2022
NOT the End of Beef
NY: Fasano
Another Vermeer Chapter 12
WINE: Bertinga of Tuscany
March 27, 2022
Paris Dining Part 2
NY: Kanopi
Another Vermeer, Chapter 13
Wine: Esparao.
April 10
Interview with Gerry Dawes
NY: BLT Steakhouse
Another Vermeer, Chapter 14
Wine: Passover Wines
April 17
James Bond's Tastes: From Russia with Love
NY: Serashina Horii
Another Vermeer, Chapter 15
Wine: Easter Wines
April 24
Ireland in 2022
NY: L'Abeille
Another Vermeer Chapter 16
Wine: Ribera del Douro
May 1
Dublin 2022
NY: El Quijote
Another Vermeer Chapter 17
WINE: Ricasoli
May 8
Eat as the Romans Do
NY: Sicily Osteria
Another Vermeer Chapter 18
May 15
Irish Food
NY: Caviar Russe
Another Vermeer Chapter 19
Wine: Rathbone

May 22
Best Restaurants in the World, Part 1
NY: Hawksmoor
Another Vermeer: Chapter 20
Wine: Luretta
May 29
Dublin's Hotels
NY: Kyu
Another Vermeer Chapter 21
Wine: Chateau Cheval-Blanc
June 5, 2022
Wagyu Vs Kobe
NY: Mark's Off Madison
Another Vermeer, Chapter 22
WINE: Father's Day BBQ
June 12, 2022
Dining in Dublin, Part One
NY: Nerai
Another Vermeer, Chapter 23
WINE: Mumm
June 19, 2022
James Bond's Tastes" Dr. No
NY: Standard Grill
Another Vermeer, Chapter 24
Wine: West Coast Wines
June 26. 2022
Dining in Dublin Part 2
NY: La Brasserie
Another Vermeer, Chapter 25
Spirits: best of Spirits

July 3, 2022
Paris Restaurants
NY: Altro Paradiso
Another Vermeer Chapter 26
July 10, 2022
Sustainable Seafood
NY: Peak
Another Vermeer Chapter 27
Wine: The Pleasures of Red Wines Not Designed to Rock Your Socks Off
July 17, 2022
Galway, Ireland
NY: L'Avenue at Saks
Another Vermeer Chapter 28
July 24, 2022
Sustainability is new marketing tool for luxury hotels
NY: Sea Fire Grill
Another Vermeer Chapter 29
Wine: Italian Reds for Summer
July 31, 2022
DC's Fines Restaurateur
NY: La Masseria dei Vini
Another Vermeer, Chapter 30
Wine: Cold whites for hot summers

August 7, 2022
James Bond's Taste: Goldfinger
NY: Johnny's Reef
Another Vermeer Chapter 31
Wine: Why Don't All Wines Taste the Same an d Man Taste So Different?
August 14, 2022
The Imbecility of getting an "A" Table
NY: Harry's Table by Cipriani
Another Vermeer Chapter 32
Wine: Chablis
August 21, 2022
NY: Gallaghers
Another Vermeer, Chapter 33
Spirits: Botran
August 28, 2022
San Sebastian and Bilbao
NY: La Devozione
Another Vermeer, Chapter 34
September 4, 2022
What Makes a Good Bartender?
NY: 8282
Another Vermeer, Chapter 35
Wine: Trapiche
September 11, 2022

James Bond's Tastes: For Your Eyes Only
NY: Mollusca
Another Vermeer, Chapter 36
Wine: Bordeaux
September 18, 2022
Dining Around Paris
NY: Benjamin Prime
Another Vermeer, Chapter 37
Wines: Georgia
September  25, 2022
Our Food's Better Than Their Food (Sometimes)
NY: Ramerino Italian Prime
Another Vermeer Chapter 38
WINE: Autumn wines
October 2, 2022
Dining in the Loire Valley
NY: Parma Nuova
Another Vermeer Chapter 39
Wine: Hugh Johnson's Encyclopedia
October 9, 2022
James Bond's Taste: Thunderball and Never Say Never Again
NY: Balvanera
Another Vermeer Chapter 40
Spirits: Not the Same Old Spirits
October 16, 2022
How Many Restaurants Does It Rake to Make  a Celeabrity Chef Happy?
NY: The State of NY Dining Now
Another Vermeer: Chapter 41
Wine: The Languedoc
October 23, 2022
Is Brian Lewis the Best Chef in New England?
NY: Avra
Another Vermeer Chapter 42
Wine: J Lohr
October 30, 2022
Yale Dining Services
NY: Michael's NY
Another Vermeer Chapter 43
Wine: Brian Freedman's "Crushed"
Nov. 6, 2022
Old Saybrook CT
NY: Jalao
Another Vermeer Chapter 44
WIne: Complete Bordeaux
Nov. 13, 2022
No Edition

Nov. 20, 2022
NY: Flames
Another Vermeer Chapter 45
Wine: Thanksgiving
Nov. 27, 2022
Puglia Part One
NY: Katz's Deli
Another Vermeer Chapter 46
Wine: Bouchaine
Dec. 4, 2022
James Bond's Tastes: The Spy Who Loved Me
NY: Hinoki Greenwich
Another Vermeer, Chapter 47
Dec. 11, 2022
Game Time
NY: Why You Do Not Want to Dine Out in NYC During the Holidays
Another Vermeer Chapter 48
Wine: Hanukah
Dec. 18. 2022
A Child's Christmas in Wales
NY: Best New Restaurants in NYC for 2022
Another Vermeer Chapter 49
Wine: Wines for Christmas

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